Published in Alaska Business Monthly: From Open Floors to Enclaves

February 13, 2019

Office interiors are adapting to changing times. What does that mean for business owners? How can architects help? Two of our Anchorage architects explain.


Open floor plans are popular in today’s offices. Part of the reason is that “office space has become more fluid and agile over the years,” says Jessica Cederberg, an architect in Stantec’s Anchorage office. Pricey commercial real estate means that office designs need to maximize each square foot.

Solutions often include phone enclaves, huddle rooms, and smaller workstations while still offering amenities that attract employees. Cederberg and fellow Anchorage architect Giovanna Gambardella share ideas on what works for office design in the Far North.

Read the story in the February 2019 issue of Alaska Business Monthly.


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