PODCAST: Stantec’s Workplace team discusses the return to the office

May 18, 2020

Our team joined the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s “One Mic Stand” podcast to discuss COVID-19 and what workers can expect for the re-entry to workplace

By William Britton, Angie Lee, and Rachel Bannon-Godfrey



About the Authors

With 22 years of design experience, William Britton values client-focused relationships and trust as the most important components of any project. He emphasizes the importance of building long-term connections with his team members, and works exceptionally hard to design highly functional, beautiful interior environments that exceed end-user needs.

For 30 years, Angie Lee has led teams to deliver workplace strategy and headquarters design solutions that align with client business objectives and functional requirements. With a focus on delivering office environments, Angie tunes in to trends that affect the workplace, change management best practices, and a multigenerational workforce.

Rachel Bannon-Godfrey has more than 15 years of experience in the design, construction, and analysis of high-performance and net-zero energy buildings, along with energy efficient and renewable energy technologies. She is our sustainability team leader.

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