Presentation: Boron Treatment Alternatives for CCR Porewater, Leachate and Groundwater

May 24, 2019

Presented at the World of Coal Ash 2019 Conference—this paper summarizes water treatment technologies available for boron and the benefits and limitations of each

By Angus McGrath, Vijay Sundaram, David Pernitsky, and Jim Finley


Boron is a naturally occurring element found at variable concentrations in ambient soil and groundwater, as well as in coal, coal combustion residuals (CCR), and ash leachate. There are a variety of water treatment technologies available for boron, all with their respective benefits and limitations. Read here about recent advances in available technologies and methods of boron removal that result in the formation of a usable boron product that is classified as a plant fertilizer. These methods do not generate other waste products except in cases where heavy metals in the influent wastewater require removal. Processes and the mechanisms involved in treatment are also addressed.

About the Authors

Angus McGrath, PhD is the Stantec National Technical Lead for Remediation and has over 24 years of experience in the environmental consulting field as an Applied Chemist in both organic and inorganic chemistry.

Vijay Sundaram has 15 years of experience designing advanced water and wastewater treatment systems using physical, chemical, and biological processes.

David Pernitsky PhD has 25 years of environmental engineering experience—his background has grown to include drinking water treatment, groundwater remediation, wastewater reuse, industrial water and wastewater treatment, and water resource management.

Jim Finley, PhD has over 20 years of experience in the application of geochemical and hydrological principles to address water quality and management issues in a variety of environments associated with natural resource extraction and use.

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