Published: Making The Most Of What You Have - Optimisation Of Assets In Water And Energy

July 24, 2018 John Ord

Providing clients with real opportunities to optimise assets by cost effectively applying cutting edge techniques to improve efficiency, while at the same time being quantitatively aware of risks


There has been much talk and debate around what a TOTEX environment means for the water companies across the UK. But, there has not been the same level of discussion around TOTEX in the wider energy sector. As we move from an environment focused on outputs, to an environment based on outcomes—where the total cost of ownership is reflected—our focus needs to change and adapt.

Historically, expert consultant organisations such as Stantec have been very successful at helping clients embrace TOTEX, designing the right solutions, and helping clients to understand how, sometimes complex processes, operate. As we move to an operational focus, the role of the expert consultants needs to evolve from giving advice and writing reports on what could be done, to working with the client to identify improvements, and then developing changes to the point of implementation.

John Ord, Stantec Business Director for Energy & Infrastructure explains why focused, delivery capable consultant organisations, operating across multiple sectors, can operate in a big data environment to model and identify opportunities which will optimise assets and create cost effective techniques to improve efficiency for clients.

Click here to view the Institute of Water Magazine, Summer Edition 2018 online.

About the Author

John Ord

As Business Director for Energy and Infrastructure, John is responsible for strategy development and implementation within the UK, whilst providing leadership and subject matter expertise to energy and infrastructure opportunities throughout the global Stantec business.

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