Hear from our speakers at the 2019 KY/TN Water Professionals Conference!

June 26, 2019

Stantec is excited to present on the following topics at this year’s event

Continuing our partnership with the Water Professionals Conference, Stantec proud to be a Gold Sponsor for this annual conference. Stop by Booths #700/702 to meet with us and be sure to check out our technical presentations to learn more from our team. See below for info on all our sessions.

Monday, August 19

11:00 - 11:30pm
Speaker: David Bible, PE
Replacing Century Old Sedimentation Basins
Tennessee America Water (Chattanooga, TN) needs to replace two flocculation-sedimentation basins that are over a century old.  TAW selected Stantec to design replacement of Basin 1 with improved flocculation and inclined plate settlers and abandon/demolish Basin 2. The improved performance of Basin 1 will increase the capacity to 18 MGD, which exceeds the combined capacities of the old Basin 1 and Basin 2.  The presentation will discuss the design of the improved Basin 1, and the site limitations and sequencing challenges to maintain plant operation while completing the construction project.

Tuesday, August 20

1:30 - 2:00pm
Speaker: Bret Lavey, PE, ENV SP
Geotubes - An Innovative Approach for Meeting Residuals Challenges
Bret will be co-presenting with Adam Tilley, Project Manager Engineer for Kentucky American Water.  Together, they will discuss the solids residuals challenges at Kentucky American’s largest water treatment plant.  The presentation will highlight the long-term strategy for solids management at the plant and also evaluate an innovative near-term approach using Geotubes.  The Geotubes area  geotextile “sock” used to capture residuals for easier maintenance than the prior lagoon system.  The presentation will focus on lessons learned relating to the maintenance, safety, performance, and polymer feed systems and the system’s applicability for other utilities.

2:00 - 2:30pm
Speaker: Joe Goodin, PE
Automating SCADA Controls for Tank Maintenance and Emergency Response
This presentation serves to discuss an overview of strategies and procedures that KAW has taken to improve redundancy and response to emergency situations and prepare for tank cleanings of the Muddy Ford Tank. Strategies involve development of automated control logic based on SCADA data readings to pressurize the area. Strategies also incorporate the use of hydro-pneumatic tanks to help buffer and maintain pressure during high demand swings. The use of a hydro-pneumatic tank will be discussed as well as its benefits for smaller system when a tank is required to be taken down during cleaning.

Wednesday, August 21

11:30 - 12:00pm
Speaker: Melissa Tucker, PE
The State of Our Streams Water Quality Monitoring Update
The Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) is responsible for managing stormwater, wastewater, and flood protection service in Louisville Metro and tasked with providing safe, clean waterways for the community. MSD is working with Stantec on an Environmental Data Collection and Assessment project that requires dry weather, wet weather and biological sampling throughout Jefferson County.  In addition to sampling at up to 42 separate locations in urban, suburban and rural settings, over 3 million data points are reviewed each year and compiled as part of the MS4 permit program and analyzed for trends.  This presentation will discuss the sampling program as well as the State of the Streams Report which evaluates physical, chemical and biological factors including bacteria, nutrients, metals, aquatic habitat and other parameters in local streams in ten watersheds. 

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