Published in CIWEM Environment Magazine: Creating a flood-resilient future for Yorkshire

April 15, 2019 Chris Digman

Stantec’s Chris Digman and Yorkshire Water’s Deborah Redfearn discuss how collaboration is key to creating capacity and resilience across wastewater drainage services


Many partners and stakeholders hold different responsibilities within the urban areas and communities we live. A common aim amongst them all is to provide a service to society whilst protecting and enhancing the environment. A key challenge is how they work together to maximise the benefit and importantly support economic growth.

In a static world with no change, the need to replace aging infrastructure would be and is, an issue. However, we face unprecedented challenges that cannot simply be passed over to the next generation. Predictions continuously set the tone that our climate is changing. We need to cope with rainfall that will place greater pressures on our drainage and wastewater networks than ever before.

In this CIWEM Environment Magazine article, Stantec's Technical Director Chris Digman and Yorkshire Water's Drainage-Strategy Implementation Manager Deborah Redfearn discuss how Yorkshire Water are working collaboratively with key partners to plan for a more resilient future, helping our communities to solve problems before they happen. 

About the Author

Chris Digman

Professor Chris Digman, an expert and recognised technical leader in urban drainage, specialises in wastewater and stormwater management, sustainable drainage, flood risk management, pollution control and sewer solid movement.

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