Recap of Stantec Presentations at the WCW Conference

August 20, 2019

At this year's WCW Conference, our interdisciplinary presenters discussed what we could do for our water and our future. Today. 

Tackling global water challenges is a joint responsibility. Our passionate speakers discussed what future holds for our water and how we can use current technology to take action. Here's the schedule of our presentations: 


3:00PM–3:30PM: Saibal Basu and Robert De Koninck will discuss how they approached Meeting the Challenges of Nutrient Removal for Thompson WWTP.

4:00PM–4:30PM: Breagh Peel will delve into West Inter Lake District Regional Water Services Commission: a Case Study of the Long-term Resiliency of Regional Water Systems. 

4:30PM–5:00PM: Samuel Fritz will look at the Sylvan Lake Regional Wastewater Commission Transmission Line.


9:30AM–10:00AM: Julian Xheko and Saif Molla (EPCOR) will share what they learned about Maximizing Clarifier Capacity and Performance at the Gold Bar WWTP.

10:00AM–10:30AM: Neal Cody will discuss Stormwater Management in an Arctic City.

12:00PM–12:30PM: Jessica MacDonald and Saif Molla (EPCOR) will dive into In-Plant Wastewater Reuse Systems: the Next Best Thing or Impractical Concept? 

12:00PM–12:30PM: Theresa Luby and Lucas Storey (Saskatoon Water) will be looking at Oil in the River: Water Treatment Plant Resiliency Planning.

3:00PM–3:30PM: Camille Chalifoux will discuss Safety Inspections of Stormwater Management Facilities.

4:00PM–4:30PM: Alex Munoz will present the Guiding Principles for the Start-up of an Anaerobic Sludge Digester Based on Dynamic Simulations.

4:00PM–4:30PM: Olugbenga Ibikunle will offer an Overview and Analysis of Chemical-based Control Technologies for Sulfide-induced Sewer Corrosion and Odour Production. 


Visit Western Canada Water Conference Site.


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