Published in Railway Age: P3s key for Transit Oriented Development

July 8, 2019

Toronto’s unprecedented growth has spurred conversations on new ways to approach Transit-Oriented Development, with lessons for both Canada and the US


Ask anyone in Toronto about the biggest challenge facing the city, and you’re likely to hear one of two answers: housing and transportation. Our James Purkis and Tom Kyle write about how the city needs more housing to support its growing workforce and temper ballooning real estate prices; at the same time, capacity needs to be added to existing transit lines to meet increased ridership and new lines are needed. 

Read James and Tom’s story in Railway Age.


The Blatchford redevelopment on the site of a 217-hectare urban airport in Edmonton, Alberta is one of the largest sustainable developments in the world. The carbon-neutral, transit-oriented P3 development will be home to 30,000 future residents and connect to the city’s LRT system.


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