Planning on the Cellular Level - Planning Magazine, May 2018

May 1, 2018 Cynthia Albright

Cynthia Albright writes in Planning Magazine about Stantec's use of data collection to help mitigate the effects of the thousands of outdoor enthusiasts who come to Lake Tahoe every year


Lake Tahoe has rebounded from the Great Recession to once again be a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of every stripe. With that growth, though, the famed mountain destination suffers from traffic, environmental damage and other effects of thousands of people inhabiting its leafy surroundings every day - particularly during the busy summer season. The Tahoe Transportation District and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency turned to Stantec for help mitigating those effects, and we used new methods of data collection to determine how people get around Lake Tahoe, and where they go most. 

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Cynthia Albright

Cynthia Albright is a certified land planner. She uses her knowledge of an area’s environment, geography, and political climate to design solutions for the communities in which she works.

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