AMPIng Up Solutions for Flood Risk

March 12, 2018 Caroline Cunningham

Communities around the globe need an efficient way to understand their flood risk, identify cost-effective solutions, and enhance their quality of life. Enter AMPI—the Automated Mitigation Project Identifier—an innovative model that assesses structure-specific flood risk across a range of flood scenarios, then estimates the benefits and costs of elevating or acquiring each structure. Learn more in this video presentation by senior hazard mitigation planner Caroline Cunningham.

This video was taken at Stantec’s Breckenridge Forum—an annual internal conference where leaders of our most innovative projects share their work and celebrate creative thinking. The Breckenridge Forum is part of Stantec’s Creativity & Innovation Program, which supports employee ideas with funding, resources, and guidance. 

About the Author

Caroline Cunningham

Caroline Cunningham has a strong passion for protecting communities. Her disaster planning expertise—understanding threats, mitigating vulnerabilities, and implementing a path for a resilient future—is impressive.

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