Immersive Design: Modernizing project flow

October 1, 2018 Aubrey Tucker

Cutting-edge technology like reality capture, real-time rendering and interactive animation software has enabled Stantec designers to immerse our clients into our designs. Our clients and other project stakeholders can now experience the design as it is developed gaining an unparalleled understanding of the building as well as visualizing problems before they arise. Enabled by these technologies, Stantec can now better communicate designs, empowering designers and clients to make better informed decisions, sooner.

Want to know what reality capture feels like? The video below is an interactive tour of the Riverfront Centre in Trail, a recently completed Stantec project. This demonstrates how reality capture can be used to capture existing, new or in construction spaces. Use Google Chrome for the best viewing experience.



This interactive video demonstrates how we bring together Reality Capture information and our design models to communicate how a project comes to life from conception right through to completion. This again is an example from the Riverfront Centre in Trail. Don’t forget to look around as the video plays!



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Aubrey Tucker

As the Regional BIM Lead for British Columbia, Aubrey Tucker oversees the use of BIM and technology to deliver great projects and win new ones.

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