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October 12, 2018 Aaditya Raman

Wouldn't it be reassuring if you could handpick your dream team for a project? Having the very best project management in place is essential to any successful project. At Stantec, we take pride in tailoring our project teams to the specific project requirements, size, and complexity. Our experience enables us to anticipate possible problem areas and dedicate necessary resources where needed. 



Our project managers are highly experienced in stakeholder coordination, contract administration, task staffing and scheduling, budget management, quality control/assurance including peer reviews, decision-making coordination, and timely status reporting and programmatic adjustments. 

We work with the City of Winnipeg to develop effective working relationships, to understand and articulate expectations, to provide adequate contingencies in both project budgets and scheduling, and to establish critical milestones and decision-making strategies. We will work as an integrated team to ensure that your project runs smoothly—on time and on budget.


Saibal Basu, B.E., M.Sc., Ph.D., P.Eng.(MB, SK)
Water/Wastewater Team Co-Lead, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Saibal is an Environmental Engineer and Process Specialist with over 28 years of diverse experience in water and wastewater projects in Canada, India and Thailand. Based in Winnipeg, Saibal provides technical support and expertise to design staff, mentoring young professionals and participates in Stantec’s water/wastewater projects across Western Canada. He is actively involved in a wide range of business development opportunities with both existing and potential clients in Manitoba and leads all major pursuits in water and wastewater treatment. His experience encompasses planning studies, preliminary and detailed design, pilot testing, commissioning, process optimization and operator training. Saibal was instrumental in the concept development and design of the only LEED® Silver Sewage Treatment Plant in Canada located at the City of Dryden.

Learn more about the projects Siabal has worked on. 


Aaditya RamanP.Eng., PMP, MBASenior Associate, Manitoba

Aaditya Raman as the Project Manager, brings 11 years of experience in engineering, project management and operations experience across diverse infrastructure sectors and organizations with a focus on project delivery, and advisory services. Aaditya is a seasoned leader with experience managing projects ranging from small industrial, large infrastructure and government regulatory programs. Aaditya compliments his management and consulting experience with onsite construction experience and is familiar with DB and P3 project delivery methods in addition to acting as owner’s engineer and program manager. Aaditya enjoys solving complex problems and helping clients execute their vision while staying on budget and schedule. He tracks budgets carefully and ensures work is done within scope. He is responsible for health and safety issues and works to ensure all client requirements are met for the duration of the project. His widely varied skills and attention to detail deliver properly managed projects.

Learn more about the projects Aaditya has worked on. 


Kevin Harbottle, B.A., PMP, GSC., Senior Project Manager, Manitoba

Kevin Harbottle is a high performing management executive with over 25 years
of experience directing complex construction projects and leading teams to successful project delivery. His natural leadership abilities are strengthened by numerous certificates of achievement in leadership and safety. Kevin is a dedicated professional who makes sure to always listen to his client’s needs.

Learn more about the projects Kevin has worked on. 


Cameron Dyck, B.Sc., P.Eng., P.E., Project Manager, Manitoba

Cameron Dyck brings over 20 years of diverse experience in a range of disciplines including municipal, hydraulic, and transportation engineering. He has worked on numerous important environmental infrastructure projects throughout Manitoba, and has developed a thorough understanding of the industry and his clients’ needs. Cameron’s expertise in analysis, design, and project management has been cultivated through numerous water
distribution, stormwater management, sanitary sewer engineering planning studies and
underground infrastructure evaluations. He also has significant experience in construction
management, inspections, and contract administration.

Learn more about the projects Cameron has worked on. 


Scott Bezak, B.Sc., P.Eng., Senior Mechanical Engineer, Manitoba

Scott is a civil engineer with over 22 years of experience. Scott has gained considerable background in the design and construction of treatment facilities through his involvement in the project management, design and inspection of treatment plants at: Wabowden, Thicket Portage, Nelson House, Barrows, Arden, Whitemouth, Victoria Beach, Oakbank, Falcon Lake, Norway House, Hudson, Shamattawa, Keewaywin, Town of Roblin, East St. Paul, Barren Lands, South Indian Lake, Pikwitonei, Cross Lake, Garden Hill, God’s Lake, and Lynn Lake. He routinely visits the worksite to check the installation and operation of these systems during construction and commissioning. 


Jamie Brewster, B.Sc., M.Sc., Project Manager, Manitoba

Jamie is a process designer with over 15 years of consulting experience in environmental engineering and has strong a background in water and wastewater process design, assessment, inspection and contract administration. He has been involved in the pre-design, design, construction implementation, contract administration and project inspection for multiple water and wastewater treatment plants. Jamie has experience with many water and wastewater treatment plant processes and typically is involved from preliminary design through to commissioning. His experience includes the design of water and wastewater
treatment plants in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.


About the Author

Aaditya Raman

As sector lead for our water group in Manitoba, Aaditya Raman brings engineering, project management and operations experience across diverse infrastructure sectors and organizations. He’s a seasoned leader with experience managing projects ranging from small industrial, large infrastructure and government regulatory programs.

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