Stantec: Airports Preview

March 1, 2018

Stantec: Airports looks at how airports can create memorable experiences for passengers and a sense of place for their communities


About Stantec: Airports by Trevor Boddy with Stanis Smith

Airports have changed dramatically over the past several decades as many of their earlier functions have moved online. And in the post-9/11 world there has been a massive increase in security that further degrades the customer's travel experience.

Stantec is one of the largest architecture and design firms in the world and has been at the forefront of new developments in airline travel. Stantec: Airports shows the creative design solutions to issues of comfort, accessibility and sustainability that have made this firm a leader in the field, and have made travel through their airports a pleasure.

In-depth case-studies of ten airports around the world are featured in the book, which includes unique photography, and extensive architectural and engineering details. Stantec: Airports tells a story that will resonate with the everyday traveler, and those in the airport, architecture, and engineering industries.