Published: Could Project 13 deliver a step change in efficiency for the UK water sector?

In this WWT online article, Stantec’s Craig McMaster and Scott Jackson analyse Project 13’s innovative enterprise model


In May 2018, the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG) in the UK, published its blueprint for a plan that would allow the industry to end its reliance on a delivery model it described as “broken”. The ICG, which consists of experts from a wide range of organisations, had argued that the traditional ‘transactional’ approach to infrastructure delivery frequently produces assets and networks that are expensive, perform poorly and fail to exploit the advances in technology that are transforming other industries.

Its Project 13 plan proposed an alternative model that maximises collaboration and prioritises outcomes and the concept is now gaining traction in the UK and beyond. 

The model may change in accordance with project requirements, but the Project 13 Blueprint set out five core roles: owners, investors, integrators, advisors and suppliers.


Craig McMaster, Stantec’s strategic growth and business development director for energy and infrastructure, says: “It’s about creating a really high performing enterprise where that supply chain is fully engaged in the delivery of these innovative ideas and not sitting separately. I think the supply chain is hugely enthusiastic and can contribute loads of experience and loads of ideas. That’s innovation.”




Scott Jackson, Stantec’s regional director for water adds: “If the UK water industry wants to be more innovative in the future, innovation is driven by diversity of thought. Having different people with different experiences in the decision-making process as part of a collaborative working environment can only be a good thing.”


Read the full article published by WWT Magazine here. Read the full article featured on WWT online here.

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