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Need help funding your skatepark? This toolkit can help.

March 27, 2018 Kanten Russell

Stantec's Funding Services Toolkit can help your team break down the enormous task of funding a skatepark project into manageable steps


You have identified a need for a skatepark in your community, but you don't know how to fund it. Now what? The good news is that anyone, anywhere can get a project funded with persistence, creativity, and plain hard work. This toolkit will help your team break down the enormous task of funding a project into smaller, easier steps. It includes step-by-step cheat sheets to help you organize your campaign, covering all of the different aspects of funding, as well as some vital tips for finding the right sources and means of making your idea a reality.

We think your community has the skills and heart that you need to make your project happen, but if you do encounter road blocks along the way, reach out to our Funding Services Team at ActionSport@stantec.com.   


About the Author

Kanten Russell

A long-time fixture in the professional skateboarding world, Kanten Russell is a lead designer for our Action Sports Group. Growing up in Southern California—the birthplace of skateboarding—Kanten quickly became a leading figure in the region’s skateboarding scene and was a professional skateboarder for 12 years.

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