Published in Institute of Water: PR19 - Will it deliver a better future for water customers?

Tim Williams reflects on the recent PR19 submissions and opportunities for the Water Industry to deliver performance improvements


In September 2018, UK water companies in England and Wales submitted their business plans to Ofwat (The economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales). Ofwat will publish their initial assessment on 31 January 2019 and their final determinations in December 2019.

The water industry faces challenges and has set itself ambitious targets, on leakage, pollution and flooding from sewers for example. Likewise, some companies have large environmental improvement programmes.

Delivering these plans efficiently will require fresh thinking and innovative approaches if performance commitments are to be met and deliver best value for customers.

The supply chain undoubtedly has a role in helping companies deliver on challenging use of digital technologies. Greater resilience and system thinking will be essential in enabling improved performance. They can also be the key to unlocking areas that benefit from collaboration and other sector involvement including catchment management and market reform in areas like water resources, bioresources and strategic water resources.

About the Author

Timothy Williams

As strategic growth and business development director for water, Tim Williams is responsible for leading our water strategy across the UK. Tim is both an experienced operational and strategic planning executive with a proven track record of tackling complex issues as well being a successful asset management professional.

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