Ideas Top 10: Stantec's most popular blog posts of 2018 (Plus 2 bonus items!)

December 19, 2018

From personal stories to expert insights into the future of community and design, here are 10 blog posts that got readers clicking in 2018 


On December 4, 2017, Stantec launched Ideas, a knowledge sharing hub focused on providing expert insights into the trends, challenges, and innovations shaping our world. Team members from across our Company shared their thoughts and stories in over 200 blog posts. Here are 10 that, for one reason or another, led readers to click and click and click some more.


1. Stantec's new global headquarters: A towering achievement

“Working on a project of this magnitude alongside several Stantec staff has been incredible. It’s a testament to Stantec’s success, but it’s also a remarkable achievement for the City. Edmonton is our home and I’m proud to have been part of such an iconic project here,” writes Andrew Lischuk. 


2. Why I no longer think that being gay will hamper my career as a transportation engineer

“I knew that my best chance for career liberation and personal authenticity was to find a company that blatantly and unapologetically celebrated diversity and inclusion,” writes Joseph Barker. 


3. What will large scale 3D printing mean for the future of building design?

“3D printing has the potential to change our whole design methodology,” writes Martina Flores. 


Bonus Item 1

In addition to our top blog posts, readers were also hungry for all things Urban Places. Posts related to topics like smart cities, smart mobility, mixed-use districts (like the one above in Denver, Colorado), resilience, and more counted for a whopping 25% of all clicks on Ideas hub content. 


4. The 10 sustainability trends that forward-thinking organizations have on their mind

"As we enter one of the largest talent crises the world has seen, forward-thinking organizations are looking at sustainable practices as a differentiator,” writes Heather Greene. 


5. Why the Avenir Centre stands as Raven Spanier’s legacy

"Raven... felt an unrelenting passion for the idea of an arena and entertainment facility in downtown Moncton. He wanted to do something amazing for the city. He was plugged into it. He knew what residents wanted, and what the city needed," writes Ian MacLaughlan. 


6. Four questions we must answer to design truly smart cities

"The smart city has the potential to be a great city—a place that leverages the power of technology and big data to significantly and sustainably elevate our collective quality of life," write Rachel Bannon-Godfrey and Andrew Irvine. 


7. From snowflakes to seashells: An engineer’s career takes flight

"We’re all familiar with the annual review process. It’s that list of short-term and long-term career goals that many of us try to breeze through because it feels awkward to put words to our often-nebulous plans and half-formed dreams for our career. But, as I learned, the process can be a vehicle for valuable career and life-changing opportunities that you could never imagine," writes Leslie Merrithew.


Bonus Item 2

The Stantec Design Quarterly also proved popular with our audiences.  Each issue provided readers with in-depth analysis of four different themes: The Sustainable City, Culture By Design, Technology Driving Change, and Intersections. 


8. Engineering the impossible at Nunavut’s Iqaluit Airport

"We were determined to prove (and fully realize) that it’s possible to produce great architecture and engineering solutions under the P3 process—however challenging it may be at times," writes Noel Best.


9. STEM education can be implemented in kindergarten, especially with the right space

"Many times, schools want several specialized learning spaces in addition to their typical classrooms, but most of the time there simply isn’t the square footage or budget to create each individualized learning space separately. Learning houses (or learning pods) create specialized learning opportunities that are constantly changing and evolving to best meet the needs of the group," writes Diego Barrera. 


10. Stantec: Our evolution from 1 person to a global firm

"Since excavation started in 2015, we have witnessed Stantec Tower rise and rise, completely—and permanently—changing our Edmonton skyline. Now, it serves as a symbol for what we have accomplished in unity with this City—we are truly better together," writes Keith Shillington. 


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