Geochemist publishes new data on hydrocarbon gas migration in shallow aquifers

May 9, 2018 Rebecca Kreuzer

Stantec's Rebecca Kreuzer geochemist is lead author on technical paper that informs hydro-fracking/resource extraction conversation


A recent issue of Groundwater explores subsurface methane and its migration in shallow aquifers. The peer reviewed technical journal features a paper co-authored by Stantec geochemist Rebecca Kreuzer titled, “Structural and Hydrogeological Controls on Hydrocarbon and Brine Migration into Drinking Water Aquifers in Southern New York.”  Rebecca, the lead author on the study, will also be presenting her work at the annual ACE-AAPG (Annual Conference and Exhibition - American Association for Petroleum Geologists), May 20-23. For more information, please contact Learn more here.  



Digital elevation map of groundwater sample locations across six counties of south-central New York. Color coding represents dissolved methane concentration, with purple and red indicating a concentration exceeding federal and NYS guidelines for hazard mitigation. 

About the Author

Rebecca Kreuzer

Dr. Rebecca Kreuzer is a geochemist in our Environmental Services team. Based in Rochester, NY she offers unique expertise in noble gas systematics (a powerful geochemical tool that is better able to fingerprint gas sources and trace fluid migration pathways) with traditional geochemical approaches, Her goal? Safeguarding water quality by supporting safe extraction of natural resources and contributing to the scientific community.

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