Fit-for-purpose water reuse and the road toward water security

August 4, 2014 Art Umble

The future of water resources for safe and reliable consumptive uses is uncertain. Today, hundreds of watershed basins worldwide experience water scarcity during some part of any given year.

Dr. Art Umble, wastewater practice leader, discusses water scarcity scenarios facing utilities and the substantial, widespread water management programs that must be implemented to balance supply and demand, including resolving potentially intense conflicts between competitive users.

Read Fit-for-Purpose Water Reuse And The Road Toward Water Security published by Water Online to find out more.
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Art Umble

As the global lead for wastewater practice, Art Umble's position involves developing strategies and providing solutions for complex wastewater treatment challenges. His role? To connect our Company’s global resources in process design to promote collaboration and deliver comprehensive knowledge and expertise to our clients.

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