Find the right scientist at these tradeshows (Spring 2018)

April 27, 2018 Gerri Fraser

Here are the tradeshows and conferences that Stantec's Environmental Services professionals and engineers will be attending in May & June 2018


Stantec’s environmental professionals and engineers are active in our industry. In the next few months Stantec will be participating in the following conferences & tradeshows. Let’s connect!  Attend the presentations and visit our booth to learn more about how Stantec is contributing to advancements in various industries.    


MAY 2018

CIM (Canadian Institute for Mining)         Vancouver, BC                   May 6-9, 2018
* Clint Strachan will present "A Corporate Wide Approach to Water Stewardship During Operations and Closure" May 7, 2:25 -2:50 pm in Room 111
* Mary Murdoch will present "DNA Barcoding Approach to Identify Benthic Invertebrates from a Mine Site in Ontario".  May  9, 9:45 - 10:10 am in Room 111
* Visit Stantec in Booth #1321 - ask us about our innovate approaches to sustainable mining practices
AWEA Windpower                                        Chicago, IL                         May 7-9, 2018
* Visit Stantec in Booth #1232 - ask us about our comprehensive solutions on your wind & renewables projects

TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair                Austin, TX                           May 14-16, 2018
* Visit Stantec in Booth #924. Meet some of Stantec's key environmental scientists working in Texas: Jennifer Cole, TJ Dunnahoe, Jennifer Kirton, Tana Riva, Ben Stewart and Sheila Ward. Find out how about how we work to ensure industry is compliant with environmental requirements as they move the economy forward. 


JUNE 2018

Minewater Solutions                                    Vancouver, BC                   June 12-14, 2018
Stantec presenters:
*Tomas Goode "Time-lapse dam seepage investigation and conceptual level mitigation design"
* Eric McCleary "A new approach to mitigation banking"
* Sheldon Smith/Michelle Fraser "Use of adaptive management planning in support of environmental monitoring and permitting process"
* Mark Steinpreis "Estimating the wetting time for mine waste rock piles"

Also visit Stantec's booth to meet our team working to credibly advise on mining issues affecting the environment. Learn how we work with our clients to help them be stewards of the environment in their mining operations.

Clean Pacific                                                  Portland, OR                      June 19-21, 2018
Visit Stantec's booth to learn how we can simplify your environmental planning and response needs before a crisis happens. 

Hydro Vision International                           Charlotte, NC                     June 26-29, 2018
Stantec presenters, panelists and instructors include:
* Willian Akaishi "Electromagnetic forces on coils and bars inside the slot"
* Mark Allen/Jose Alvoeiro/Peter Donalek "Hybrid solar/hydropower for mitigation of drought impacts on power generation"
* Mark Anderson "Analyzing the Oroville incident: what DID work"
* Paul Blaszczyk "Exploring surging trends in penstocks"
* Don Erpenbeck "Pumped storage: how to make it work" 
* Kathleen King "Using basin management to increase environmental resiliency and mitigate risks"
* Fangbiao Lin "CFD modeling for developing designs for Horse Mesa Dam repair"
* Juan Quiroz "Waterpower Hydro Basics Course: harnessing the water"
* Barvir Sanosian "Electromagnetic forces on coils and bars inside the slot"


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