Published: Beat the Heat - 4 Energy-Saving Design Tips for Hot Climates

October 7, 2019

Published in Building Operating Management – the healing properties of natural materials aren’t the only benefit of building with wood

By Camilo Llorens Bearman and Jeff Moroz


For decades, K-12 schools have been seeking better ways to design and build sustainable schools, balancing successful building management with learning outcomes. Combine these pressures with a wide range of differing climates, and the design challenges expand significantly. Within modest budgets and aging facilities, school stakeholders are pressured to realize good returns on community investment while achieving energy savings, reduced costs, and improved occupant wellness alongside student learning. Finding the right balance—economically advantageous, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly—has a positive impact on student and staff satisfaction and the bottom line.

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Richard J. Lee Elementary. Coppell, Texas. Photo Credit: Greg Folkins


About the Authors

Camilo Llorens Bearman is a natural design leader with experience collaborating with educators, administrators, teachers, students, and consultants. His projects have consistently embodied the owner’s project needs and institutional identities while creating expressive designs

Jeff Moroz is an architect with over 20 years of experience, he leads the K-12 Education studio in Manitoba. He’s an active participant and leader of the integrated design process (IDP), and he’s passionate about how buildings can be designed as learning tools. From interacting with administrators, teachers, and students during the design phase to creating a sense of shared ownership at project close, Jeff measures success by the impact his designs have on the end users. 


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