The importance of water according to mining experts

January 27, 2016 Andrew Watson

Exploring the interdependent relationships between mining plants, communities, environmental issues and water treatment plants.

World Mining Frontiers details the centrality of water management in mining operations with added insights from industry experts and insiders. Of these, Stantec vice president of sustainability in mining Andrew Watson and senior market analyst Resa Furey were called on to provide insights on the topic.

In the article, Watson points out the interdependent relationships between mining plants, communities, environmental issues (climate change and water shortages), and water treatment plants, and how each plays a role and warrants consideration when contemplating water treatment options. He also imparts how Stantec has mitigated this situation for its mining clients, “we have brought municipal drinking and wastewater technology to mining companies, and our work in the beverage and electronics industry has prepared the company to deal with more exotic metals found at very low concentrations in the mining industry.” Furey, looking ahead, adds that “taking ideas from other industries and making them work within mining will be key to mine-water management of the future.”

Content was originally published by MWH Global, which is now part of Stantec.

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Andrew Watson's career has taken him to interesting places around the globe. He was born and raised in South Africa. He’s managed mine projects in North and South America. And he’s fluent in English, Spanish, and Afrikaans. Today, he seeks practical solutions to engineering challenges using risk-based decision-making.

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