Let’s meet up at TAC-ITS!

September 9, 2019

Check out where we’ll be at this year’s conference


We bring communities to life through thoughtful planning and design.  We are proud to support TAC-ITS as a Principal sponsor.  Below is some information on where you can hear our staff speak and strike up a conversation. 

Monday, September 23rd 

  • Martin Thibault will be presenting “PIARC Tasks Force work – Automated and Connected Vehicles: challenges and opportunities for road operators and road authorities” at 1:45 pm in Argyle A3. 
  • Kelley Coyner and Yeatland Wong will be presenting “A Global Laboratory to Experiment with Emerging Transportation Technologies” at 1:45 pm in Room 612-613. 

Tuesday, September 24th 

  • Reed Ellis will be presenting “A Proposed Sufficiency Index for Canadian Bridge Assets” at 9:00 am in Room 503. 
  • Zahra Kamranian will be presenting “Structural Evaluation of Existing Bridges under Truck Platooning Traffic” at 11:30 am in Argyle A3. 
  • Martin Chevrier will be presenting “Three Key Real-Time Technologies for Managing Traffic and Congestion in a Smart City” at 2:15 pm in Room 202. 
  • Rod Schebesch will moderate and Kelley Coyner will participate as a panelist in the "Next-Gen Integrated Corridor Management (ICM)" workshop at 1:45pm. 

Wednesday, September 25th

  • Ashley Thompson, Yeatland Wong, and Michelle Orfield will join a panel, "Preparing for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV), Part 2: Readiness Planning and Pilot Projects" at 8:30 am in Argyle A2.
  • Ben Haeusler will be presenting “Award Winning Approach to Downtown Revitalization: Lacombe Main Street Program” at 11:00 am in Room 106. 
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