Engineering: It's so much more than just a job

April 5, 2016 Russ Wlad

From 3D laser scanning to resilience planning, engineers dive into their work to truly design with community in mind


Enthusiasm. Passion. Impact. Engineering offers endless opportunities to better our communities through our ability to use creativity and innovation. Among our team members who are often lumped together as “engineers,” we also have some very specific and interesting areas of expertise. Since March is National Engineering Month in Canada, there’s no better time than now to sum up our thanks and celebrate all of the professionals included in our profession.

For instance, did you know Geomatics engineers use tools like 3D laser scanning and unmanned aircraft systems to capture data? From mapping and 3D topography, to thermal data capture and building imaging, we get to play with some impressive advanced technology to complete our work.

Transportation engineering doesn’t just mean designing roadways. We also contribute to providing options for the people in our cities to commute on bicycles and other more sustainable modes of transportation. In this case, engineering means more than design. It means getting on a bike and experiencing what it’s like to cycle alongside cars to get a deep understanding of the safety and convenience factors that need to be incorporated into the design. We don’t design in a vacuum. We literally dive into our work to truly comprehend what will make our projects successful.

We have also applied our engineering expertise to rally together around a concept that unites many of us across disciplines: resilience. Whether it is forecasting and mitigating the damage of natural disasters, or designing infrastructure and buildings that will withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at us, we have the ability to help our communities stand the test of time.



The best part of working together as a team is that when we put our heads together, we can come up with solutions that are customized to our clients’ specific needs for each project. If you can imagine it, chances are we can do it.

As we celebrate our engineers at Stantec, it’s also a time to recognize the individuals who support the work we do to make all of our projects possible. Stantec was built on the incredible talent, creativity and professionalism of our staff – not only our engineers, but everyone who strives each day to find solutions for clients and communities alike. We have a variety of moving parts and different roles within our team which help make Stantec a respected and reputable partner for each of our clients.

To all of you – engineers included – thank you for the work you do to make our communities thrive.

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Russ Wlad

Russ Wlad is Stantec’s regional operating unit leader for Canada. He has over 27 years of experience leading multi-disciplinary teams and providing collaborative solutions for clients. Russ is passionate about serving his community. He spends time coaching minor hockey and is proud to call Red Deer home.

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