Why our brand refresh is all about "Design with community in mind"

September 10, 2013 Bob Gomes

What an amazing impact our people have upon their communities and how passionately they work to make them better.


One of the highlights of my role as Stantec’s CEO is visiting our offices and staff. While the travel schedule can be rough, I get my greatest satisfaction from hearing—and sometimes witnessing what an amazing impact our people have upon their communities and how passionately they work to make them better.

Take Herb Moussa, for example. This San Francisco-based architect designs hospitals. But Herb’s expertise doesn’t just come from his knowledge of functional spaces, structural loads, and building materials. It also comes from his own experiences as a parent—his daughter once spent days in the hospital with a serious medical condition, making Herb’s connection to what a facility means to its community that much clearer to him. As he puts it, he now views projects through the eyes of both a designer and a parent who saw his child and family go through the most trying time of their lives. Herb designs with community in mind.


A group of people on a construction site


In the rash of damaging storms we’ve seen across the continent in the last few years—from Irene and Sandy to the recent floods in Alberta—I continue to be humbled by the efforts of our team in helping neighbors and clients alike, whether it’s providing emergency repairs and clean-up or helping rebuild for the long-term. That’s designing with community in mind.

Experiences like these are exactly what our refreshed brand—unveiled today—is meant to reflect. It’s our promise to our clients and to ourselves to design with community in mind, and our people deliver on that promise every day. Our brand now better reflects who we are and always have been—a talented company of skilled professionals whose work focuses on community, creativity, and our client relationships.

“Why change things now?” you may ask. We continue to perform well financially, we’re winning great projects, and—although there will always be markets and sectors that fluctuate—things are good overall.

But, as they say, you can never rest on your laurels. When you’re achieving what you want to achieve, you should always want to reach higher. That’s growth.

The launch of our new brand is part of our ongoing evolution, which has spanned nearly 60 years. We have acquired many like-minded companies, to strengthen our market presence across North America and internationally. These companies often started as one-person operations, just like we did. They became strong members of their communities with reputations for excellence, and our new brand honors our collective histories by uniting us under a single promise. Our commitment to community—be it the places we work and live or the industry communities we serve—continues to be at the heart of who we are. Nearly 4,000 of our people are celebrating this spirit of community in cities across the world today, in fact, volunteering their time to a number of community organizations and initiatives as part of Stantec in the Community Day. Our “new” brand just better reflects this energy and enthusiasm that motivates and inspires all of us at Stantec.

If you haven’t already, please check out our refreshed website, www.stantec.com, where you’ll find more about our people, our projects, and our communities. Let us know what you think, here or on Facebook, Twitter, or any of our other social media channels. We hope you like it.  

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Bob Gomes

Bob Gomes joined Stantec in 1988 as an urban land project manager. Mr. Gomes holds a degree in civil engineering from the University of Alberta. He has held many different roles that have become progressively more senior in scope and responsibility, including his current position as president and CEO.

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