Stantec's education design experts to speak at NSBA Annual Conference in San Antonio

Continuing our long-term partnership with NSBA, Stantec is a Platinum Sponsor for this annual conference. Stop by Booth #601 to chat with our team, and be sure to check out the educational sessions and study hall sessions below to learn more from our education design experts.

Educational Session #1
“Happier, Smarter, and More Engaged Students. Can Design Do That?”
Saturday, April 7 | 10:30 – 11:45am | Room 301C

Diego Barrera, Senior Design Architect, Stantec
Trey Laird, Principal, Stantec
Dr. Xuemei Zhu, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

With 50 million students attending 10,000 public schools, understanding how design can positively impact students and improve their learning is important.  Our team of architects, researchers, and educators will share what they’ve learned about school design and student engagement from the 3-year study they’ve done in partnership with several districts.

Educational Session #2
“CTE: A Revolution or Evolution in Education?”
Sunday, April 8 | 1:30 – 2:45pm | Room 208

Theo Pappas, Senior Planner, Stantec
Christian Owens, Principal, Stantec
Denise Belt, Director of Career Technical Education, Genesee Intermediate School District

CTE’s rapid rise has been fueled by increasing associations of education with business, fostering new opportunities for students to succeed. Join us as we look at how the CTE revolution is evolving how we think of education and space.  We’ll share both practical and inspirational applications of CTE

Study Hall Session #1
“Agreeing to Disagree, Turning Negativity into Productivity”
Saturday, April 7 | 3:00 – 3:30pm | Study Hall 2

Kimberly Bow, Project Director, Stantec
Alton Frailey, Education Specialist, Stantec

Colleagues, communities, parents, and the media – there are many voices that can easily paralyze forward momentum within a school community. Although it may seem as though you are on opposite sides, this presentation will reveal strategies and activities that can help build consensus or identify common ground needed to move important measures forward.

Study Hall Session #2
“Student Engagement: How Students are Making a Difference in Philadelphia”
Sunday, April 8 | 12:00 – 12:30pm | Study Hall 4

Bill Bradley, Senior Educational Planner, Stantec

Students from two schools in Philadelphia collaborated to set the stage for co-locating their schools two years hence.  This session identifies some of the challenges in co-locating schools, shares ideas about student engagement, and articulates solutions. Artifacts created by the students will be shared as well, including videos of the collaboration and images from their charrettes.

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