Aquatic acumen: Mine water management

The March 2015 issue of International Mining features our mining experts. 

Aquatic Acumen: Mine Water Management delves into a number of topics including the growing use of seawater and desalination plants, clean-up of waste waters and recovery of valuable metals and water delivery. Andrew Watson and Dan Dupon contributed to the article (beginning on page 9) by discussing management of draindown solution from copper mine leach operations. 

Content was originally published by MWH Global, which is now part of Stantec.

About the Author

Andrew Watson

Andrew Watson's career has taken him to interesting places around the globe. He was born and raised in South Africa. He’s managed mine projects in North and South America. And he’s fluent in English, Spanish, and Afrikaans. Today, he seeks practical solutions to engineering challenges using risk-based decision-making.

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